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A collection of children's fun rugs that are made from 100% polyamide and feature a non slip backing. Great for children's bedrooms, schools and activity centres.


Childrens Fun Rug
Childrens Fun Rug
Mini Beast Hopscotch
Childrens Fun Rug
Animals Rug
Crayons Rug
Mini Beast Hopscotch Rug



Pink Hopscotch
Childrens Fun Rug
Sea Hopscotch
Childrens Fun Rug
2 Pack of Monochrome Rugs
Childrens Fun Rugs
Pink Hopscotch Rug
Sea Hopscotch Rug
2 Pack of Monochromatic Rugs



Snakes and Ladders
Childrens Fun Rug
Snakes and Ladders Rug


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